Double Feature: Part I / 2020 MFA Thesis Exhibition // -
Double Feature: Part I / 2020 MFA Thesis Exhibition

On Display Double Feature: Part I / 2020 MFA Thesis Exhibition

The first half of Double Feature, an exhibition that is actually two exhibitions with one name, was on view April 25 through May 7, 2021 at the Icebox Project Space in Philadelphia, PA. Featuring the work of fifteen artists working across medium and material, Part 1 of Double Feature is singular in its conceptualization, realization, and inherently a product of its time and unique circumstance.

In March of 2020, when the Covid-19 epidemic began to shift life as we knew it, the 2020 class of UPenn MFA candidates were working towards their upcoming thesis exhibition. I did my first and last visits in their studios just a few weeks prior. While they completed their degrees and graduated virtually in May of 2020, the thesis exhibition was deferred to a time when their work could be realized and presented in a physical space. Despite the incredible upheaval that took place in the US and around the world over the course of March 2020 through April of 2021 and continues, these students committed themselves to bringing these artworks into the world and contributing to this exhibition. For that commitment, their flexibility, and their perseverance, I am grateful. 

-Yuri Stone, exhibition curator