POST.SCRIPT. is an offsite multiuse exhibition space that provides an open environment for fine arts undergraduate and graduate students, alumni and community to build upon and expand their studio and exhibition practices, an exhibition platform made available to house the responses to current needs. It is a space to project any form of creation or any statement related to present-day experience, and is committed to supporting all methods of communication. Postscript is defined as it is occupied.


Support for PostScript has been provided by The Emily and Jerry Spiegel Fund to Support Contemporary Culture and Visual Arts and the Lise and Jeffery Wilks Family Foundation Artist Residency

Crane Arts Building

1400 North American Street

Gallery 100C, first floor

Philadelphia, PA 19122


In 2018, the Undergraduate Program launched Postcript, an offsite multiuse gallery space, providing an open environment for fine arts students, faculty, and alumni to build upon and expand their studio and exhibition practices. Postscript functions as a studio/work space, as well as a satellite location for public programs that engage Penn students and the Philadelphia arts and culture community. The exhibitions and supplementary programming at Postscript enhance off-campus learning, generating a necessary and reciprocal relationship with the vibrant network of emerging artists living and working in the region.

In this gallery: